The Ancient Agora and flavours of modern Athens

Posted on November 17, 2000Comments Off on The Ancient Agora and flavours of modern Athens


  • The Agora
  • Temple of god Hephaistus
  • The museum of the Agora


  • Greek delicacies
  • Spice street
  • Food Market

Duration : 4 hours

The Agora was the core of politics and everyday life in every ancient greek city. The actual word means gathering place. The site helps us travel back to the archaic, classical and roman times so we can comprehend the evolution of politics in ancient Athens from aristocracy to democracy.

It was also the busiest neighbourhood of Athens with its shopping malls, porticoes, courts, music halls, “bars and pubs” peacefully coexisting with the Senate Chamber, the Parliament and the iconic temple of god Hephaistus.

The small museum is definitely worth visiting. Water clocks to time the orators, a lottery machine that helped the Athenians chose the jurors in courts, military equipment, cooking utensils and hundreds of interesting exhibits.

Agora, Temple of Hephaistus – Athens
Athens Market

It is now the time to leave history and archaeology behind and experiment with tastes, smells, flavours, colours and textures of greek food and delicacies! We will wander together through the heart of the city to try what we Athenians eat and buy. We will visit the meat, fish and fruit markets, the street where we buy our spices, the square where the most popular gyros, kebab and souvlaki are sold and immediately devoured and, of course, try the most delicious ice-cream in town!

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