We (26 and 26) have been to 2 tours in Athens with Eleni (one with a larger group and one private) and we enjoyed every second of it. She has an extensive knowledge reaching far deeper than only history but mythology, botanics, religion and general knowledge as well.
She understands how to integrate all of these fields into her tours and thus painting a very lively picture of the everyday life back then.
In addition she manages to integrate the tour guests in to her “stories” which makes time just fly by!
Elenis english is on the highest level which makes her perfect for all english speaking visitors!
We will definitely book Eleni again when we come to greece again. (Delfy and Olympia for sure)
Thank you Eleni for the very fun and educational time with you, we look forward to the next adventure/tour with you!
With love and great appreciation
Ioanni and Emilie (aka Spartiatissa)


1. Well mannered 2. Helpfully 3. Answered all of our answers 4. Always happy to share extra information and made our visit to the Agora of Athens an excellent experience. If you visit Athens, do call her and ask for her services

Patrice et Jackie

We had traveled from France to go hiking through the Cycladic islands. A little « stop » for four days was essential to explore historical and archeologic Athens‘ treasures. It was magic visiting the Acropolis with Eleni. She captivated us straight away with clear and precise explanations about the history and mythology of Greece. Eleni helped us to understand all we were about to discover afterwards… for the next six weeks. Thank you very much Eleni!

Poem and Thank you

Dear Eleni, Thank you ever so much for your inspirational teaching and unflagging energy in leading our slow-moving “phalanx” through Greece and the Aegean.  We cannot imagine our odyssey without you.  Your humor and wealth


Eleni, It was great to meet you on the Sea Cloud and thank you for a wonderful day at Olympia. When I could not find you to get these photos to you I sent them